Invisible Wind Factory

Invisible Wind Factory join the airwaves for a monthly show spotlighting all the amazing things that take place across the myriad of spaces that The Kazimier team unfold their creativity into. 

This week is hosted by Grinderteeth – the Berlin-based multi-media solo project of Norwegian Veslemøy Rustad Holseter – it’s name originating from a consolidation of the name of Holseter’s hometown ‘Grinder’ and it’s town-sigil – a line of wolves-teeth. Her interdisciplinary live performance, installations, light & sound art works build on exploring beat structures fused with manipulated layers of sound and vocals, through the medium of live improvisation, movement and light design. Her sound signified by cathedral-verb drenched, hard-hitting noise soundscapes blending pounding beats with layered manipulated vocals, thematically center around socio-political themes, reflections on the present moment in time and an exploration of power and how it manifests in the world, within human psychology, gender and sexuality.