Interplanetary Travel 4.0

Drifting through the galaxy, a brand new mix series curated by Alien Izz welcomes DJs into the realm of ‘Interplanetary Travel 4.0.’ The trip is simple: explore a minimum range of 40bpm & minimum 3 genres within 59 minutes.

For April, Alien Izz invites one of her favourite selectors Dobbs into the mix!

Dobbs has built a name for themselves as DJ over the past 8 years through holding down radio residences at Reprezent, Rinse & Melodic Distraction as well as DJing for the likes of Boilerroom, Keep Hush, Just Jam, Creamfields & Lovebox Festival as well as some of the best clubs up and down the UK. If you’ve ever seen/hear Dobbs play, you know they have an ear for the most incredible edits and remixes and they are a multi-generalist through and through.

From 2-step through to hardcore, strap in as the Interplanetary Spaceship takes off with Dobbs at the helm!