Inside Voices

Inside Voices is a brand new show hosted by BGM Student Network’s founder, Louisa Patterson-Brown also known as Bella and BGM member Lehtu Mpetha. The BGM Student Network consists of students from Hope, John Moores, UniofLiv and other Universities.

BGM is a platform for students and young adults to campaign about issues within the community to campaign about issues within our community to raise awareness. BGM is situated in Liverpool and is designed to educate and empower others. Inside Voices is an additional platform that inspires conversation about topics that are considered ‘inside talk’. Conversations that are in hushed tones that need to be normalised in the 21st Century. Inside Voices will celebrate and discuss roots, culture, racial equality and diversity.

The trio are back together in the studio again with their guest Lexy discussing the heavy topic of mental health. They will be discussing the stigma of mental health within the back community and how they have each battled with mental health.
Tune in and leave comment on how you would define mental health and ways of coping through stressful times and busy periods.