History of House

Liverpool Audio Network Directors, Becky Rascal and Phil Noone will be taking us on a musical journey discovering the history and origins of House Music.

@liverpoolaudio are back with their Monthly show History of House… @Beckyrascalofficial will be taking us through through the history of “Rave Rebellion”, the demonisation of House music and the music icons that continued to brought the party to the masses against all odds! We will be looking at M25 Raves, The Criminal Justice Act and the Social and Cultural reception of the House Music genres that brought fear to governments and sheer joy to the dance floor! The Liverpool Audio Network duo have curated a special ‘Rave Rebellion’ soundtrack bringing you original 80’s and 90’s house and techno with @philnoone in control of the decks! Tune in from 2-4pm Friday 17th February!