History of House

Liverpool Audio Network Directors, Becky Rascal and Phil Noone will be taking us on a musical journey discovering the history and origins of House Music.

Liverpool Audio Network “History of House” X Neil Keating
As part of celebrated artist Neil Keating’s 100 Collective (making owning original artwork accessible to all). Keating will be creating 100 A2 original artworks live to a curated playlist of the 100 Tracks that shaped house music – with tracks and stories behind them contributed by Music Industry key players from Fatboy Slim to Todd Terry to Barbera Tucker, to Louie Vega to Heather Small.
The playlist of 100 songs will be mixed by Liverpool Audio Network in line with their ‘History of House’ radio series with an aim to celebrate and educate people in the roots and origins of house music and its impact on music and art to present day.

Live Artwork and Exhibition will run for 2 weeks from 25th September at Dorothy, Baltic Triangle

Friday 15th Sept 2-4 live on melodic distraction @beckyrascalofficial @philnoone will delve into the tracks as selected by music royalty!