Hidden Jazz Funk Gems Of Ukraine

Alex Vidrada, a DJ and music selector from Kyiv, Ukraine, presents a show delving into the Ukrainian jazz scene. This one is a story about a unique period of Ukrainian soul, jazz and funk of 60s and 70s, when rebellious drive rooted into folk traditions was allowed to burst out despite soviet censorship.

The selection of music is presented by DJ Macka, a Kyiv-based collector and beatmaker. He’s been digging for old Ukrainian records for 13 years, from flea markets to deep and dark government-owned archives.

Starting from mid 1960s to early 1980s, soviet culture enjoyed a period of “thaw”. Western music is smuggled behind the iron curtain. The soviet party allows musical bands to be organised and funded by local cultural houses. Ukrainian artist picked up the trends of the time, syncronised with the musical movements around the world and starts interpreting it through our authentic traditions. Lots of Ukrainian folk music is already syncopated by its nature, so jazz and funk become the perfect rhythmic medium for artistic expression.

More playlists with old Ukrainian jazzy music:

A movie about the era (in Ukrainian, with English subtitles)