Harvest Time

Studio head and Kinder Bueno enthusiast, Zaremba, brings a gentler touch to Sunday mornings.

Jazz, ambient and all things head-soothing for sleepy Sunday mornings. Studio beb and all round good egg, James Zaremba steps inside the box with records that give off a soft golden light. A real feet-up, stick the kettle on, rest-ye-weary-head kinda show. Expect celestial jazz, effervescent ambient watercolour washes and probably lots of Minnie Riperton.

This month, Zaremba is joined by the entire MD family as they DJ their first gig back out in the world at a lovely socially-distanced gathering (oxymoron?) at Meraki. This recording is taken from the first hour – the session lasted well into the night, so there’s plenty more to come!