Hà Nội Community Radio: WASABAE

As part of MDR’s ESEA Heritage month programming, we’re seeing out the month in style with a fantastic radio collaboration with Hà Nội Community Radio.

Hà Nội Community Radio is based in Hanoi, Vietnam and was established to bring communities together. It features shows from local artists’, musicians and creatives.

A selection of HCR’s residents will be showcasing the amazing sounds and styles of Hanoi’s independent radio scene.

Born in Russia, raised in Japan, Vietnam based Korean DJ Wasabae was introduced to the underground scene first when she discovered and attended a party at Arcan in 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Surrounded by many DJs, and by organizing multiple events with Arcan’s co-founder, Goss, she was inspired to see what other dynamics she could offer to this still yet undeveloped underground scene.

Mesmerized by the sounds of TB-303 and heavy basslines, Wasabae is not afraid to take the BPM higher and get the crowd move with her genre fluid track selection.