Hà Nội Community Radio: SIRCULA

As part of MDR’s ESEA Heritage month programming, we’re seeing out the month in style with a fantastic radio collaboration with Hà Nội Community Radio.

Hà Nội Community Radio is based in Hanoi, Vietnam and was established to bring communities together. It features shows from local artists’, musicians and creatives.

A selection of HCR’s residents will be showcasing the amazing sounds and styles of Hanoi’s independent radio scene.

Originally from Africa’s southern city of Cape Town, SIRCULA draws inspiration from the innermost places within the soul. Advocating an Afrocentric sound, SIRCULA weaves sci-fi influenced, futurist and spacious minded vibes with African rhythms and talent.

Previously inhabiting BUSH Radio for a decade as the Saturday night Resident Dj and co-host of ‘TheDankish Radio Show’, SIRCULA strictly pushed music made on African soil and/or by producers of African descent. As well as DJing at numerous club residencies, festivals and parties in Cape Town, SIRCULA now finds himself in the lively city of Hanoi continuing his journey in the radio-sphere at Hanoi Community Radio.

Fusing a cyclic inspired mixing technique where he incorporates a wide range of the bpm spectrum and intersecting multiple genres, SIRCULA gives rise to a journey through his vast collection of African music, presenting a truly unique sound to the dance floor – music for both empowering the body and mind.