Hà Nội Community Radio: Ross Lancaster

As part of MDR’s ESEA Heritage month programming, we’re seeing out the month in style with a fantastic radio collaboration with Hà Nội Community Radio.

Hà Nội Community Radio is based in Hanoi, Vietnam and was established to bring communities together. It features shows from local artists’, musicians and creatives.

A selection of HCR’s residents will be showcasing the amazing sounds and styles of Hanoi’s independent radio scene.

Proxima explores the experimental sounds of electronic music. Through different artists each month, we present a diverse array of ambient soundscapes away from the club room, where we hope your mind wanders along the sonic textures presented, unravelling from the everyday stresses of life.

For Melodic Distraction, Proxima’s founder, Ross Lancaster, delivers a mix influenced by field recordings, ambient drones and the humming change of seasons, with tracks often played at full length, allowing listeners to escape into the mix’s auditory atmosphere.