Unknown End

Unknown End is the musical output of Kevin & Stewart, two DJs, one producer, one civil engineer and one salesman. 

Unknown End has a solid history of identifying the weird and unique, then nurturing it without corrupting it. Whether that be their own productions, live performances or DJ sets and radio shows, this is a consistently evolving portal of music and culture that can connect people from all walks of life.

Previously the PR manager at the world-famous Sub Club in Glasgow, Kevin cites this rainy industrial city as the birthplace of his musical indoctrination. Inversely, Stewart cut his first rugs in Kevin’s home town, Dundee, to alchemical Dubstep rumbles, Post Dubstep bleeps and whatever other genres that had just been invented that afternoon.

When asked how they would sum up their outputs, they both gave obscure responses to thin the veil:

“Much like Paco Rabanne’s 1966 ‘Manifesto: 12 unwearable dresses in contemporary materials’, I view our music and other outputs as a way of experimentation whilst holding a contemporary attitude” – Kevin

What we do comes easy to us. Like Albert Camus said “Nobody realises that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.” But my Dad probably put it better, “They play all that weirdo music” – Stewart

Expect some curveballs, some things that sound the same but different, some things to make you clap your hands, stomp your feet and scratch your head.