Trieste b2b Jay Carder

Erbium Records co-founders Trieste & Jay Carder grace us for a b2b for the ages – live from Gottwood Festival!

Co-founder of rave crew Voyage Events, Cardiff-via-Birmingham’s Trieste brings off-kilter sounds, contagious energy and genre bending surprises to his DJ sets.  Meandering seamlessly through chug, breaks, disco, techno, jungle, garage, psych electronica and more to captivate the dancefloor – no style or tempo is off-limits!

Jay Carder’s unique blend of UK-led sounds cover a breadth of flavours in her DJ sets, which traverse genres and bpm with ease and flair, stepping effortlessly between sub-genres of techno, bass, garage and jungle. Her connection and devotion to the dance floor is key to her energy and ethos. She’s been DJing for nearly a decade, starting her music career on Soho Radio where she met house dance collective 4 To The Floor and learnt to DJ at their Sunday parties. These attracted house dancers, hustlers, b-boys, voguers, waackers and other dance styles from around the world; and it was here she could roadtest her latest digs from varying genres to a crowd that moved on ‘room energy’ and truly voted with their feet.

Having finessed the darker side to her sound in recent years, releasing her debut EP, moving to Rinse FM, and playing the inimitable Sports Banger Mega Raves, you’ll find her on lineups alongside the likes of Djrum, Joy Orbison, Squarepusher, Interplanetary Criminal, Bakey & Madam X. Her own club series ‘House of Carder’ has seen sold out shows with the likes of Bruce, Azu Tiwaline, Breaka, Dr Banana and K-Lone…and she’s just getting started. Her photo comes courtesy of Daisy Denham.