Gasoline Radio

Live performance from the the well-known figure of Kharkiv-based club and production/djing school Kultura Zvuku, producer, DJ and live artist, hands and ears of Gasoline Radio team – Bogdan Zaiets.

I wrote this live programme for Gasoline Radio’s birthday party. Before I started writing the live, I realised that I was getting bored with the classic 808 and 909 dance drums. So I decided not to limit myself in my passion for combining unusual sounds and rhythms. The sounds of the 80s, acid and synth wave are intertwined here. In fact, this is my reflection. In this mix, I returned to the genres with which I started my research into electronic music. The result is experimental dance music. It’s a kind of musical performance, where the main characters are synthesisers that seem to be singing and creating a new space for your fantasies.