Four Triangles [Marcus Intalex Tribute]

With the launch of his new label, Four Triangles, Liverpool based producer ASOK brings a new groundbreaking show to the Melodic Distraction airwaves.

Resident at one of Liverpool’s most creative club spaces, 24 Kitchen Street, ASOK’s abillity to offer unique and diverse music¬†selections with each appearance¬†is second to none as he tours the world playing renowned spaces such as Fabric London and Panorama Bar Berlin.

“The second Four Triangles radio show is entirely devoted to a musical hero of mine who sadly left us very recently. Every track on the show is somehow connected to Marcus Kaye, a.k.a Marcus Intalex / Trevino. I didnt know whether or not to do this, as the timing was so soon but it was the chance I had, and the time I had – it was a pretty difficult thing to do. I hope everyone who likes any of the music from this show will continue to support him as an artist even in passing, as the labels, the music and the love carry on.

RIP Marcus. Thank you for changing my life forever.”