Forts & Friends

Forts & Friends will be showcasing guest artists from local and afar with Wild Forts joining every so often for a B2b Live set with them when they’re mixing.

Featuring original music using purely analogue synths, drum machines and samplers, the sounds of Michael Wild are sure to deliver something a little different through your speakers. Expect to hear original music flowing between downtempo, left-field electronic and techno.

This month Wild Forts is joined by Myriad, a new project from Bombard Groove resident and co-founder Finnian aims to explore music in a boundless way. Expect to hear a mixture of the classic and the obscure from broken beat to four to the floor spanning House, Electro, Italo, UK Garage, Disco, Hip-Hop and more.

This mix maintains a steady 130bpm tempo but explores a variety of textures, styles and genres. Aiming for a few ambitious blends and incorporating some of the UK’s most cutting edge electronic music recently released and acquired by Myriad on vinyl!