Forts & Friends

Forts & Friends will be showcasing guest artists from local and afar with Wild Forts joining every so often for a B2b Live set with them when they’re mixing.

This month Mantas, from Animaux, will provide a takeover on the Forts & Friends show. Animaux are a Manchester based collective that started over 10 years ago as a passion project to bring a different take to the nightlife in the city of York

After 7 years, Animaux moved to Manchester where they have put on events with the likes of Peverelist, Desert Sound Colony, Lurka ++ more.

Currently Mantas has a monthly residency on Komrad radio and a residency at Overdraught in Levenshulme where he plays forward thinking, yet pint-drinking friendly vibes.  He will also be playing at Not A Cult festival in the summer.