Forts & Friends

Forts & Friends will be showcasing guest artists from local and afar with Wild Forts joining every so often for a B2b Live set with them when they’re mixing.

This month on the Forts & Friends Show Wild Forts will be joined for a B2b by Amateur hour legend ‘The Taxidermist’. Stacy aka The Taxidermist is a DJ from Bishop Auckland, County Durham, now living in MCR. She started a night called Amateur Hour with a friend in 2019 and they’ve since held parties, in intimate shindigs in groovy places around MCR, from rave dens to Tudor mansions! She loves her lyrics and sleeeeeziest of beats. Check Amateur Hour and Wild Forts supporting Animaux night at Stage & Radio in MCR with Minor Science headlinging in an intimate venue with a Void sound system on April 23rd.