Foot Therapy

A recent addition to the Melodic Distraction family, our good Aussie mate Jaxon Eastabrook brings us the Foot Therapy show. With a focus on house and disco music, aligned with sprinklings of techno, funk and soul, each month Jaxon brings us the tunes that have been making his feet move.

Hailing all the way from Perth, Western Australia, Jaxon is brought to Liverpool for university studies. Having travelled through Amsterdam for Dekmantel festival late last year, and then residing in Berlin for a month, Jaxon arrived in Liverpool armed with a huge stack of new records. His love for music, radio and collecting wax luckily led him to us as a writer, though we soon discovered his enthusiasm for DJing.

His Foot Therapy show takes its name from the classic 1995 Chez N’ Trent EP, and began its life as a Monday night segment on Liverpool Student Radio. We are happy to now welcome the show to Melodic Distraction Radio.