Foot In The Door

Foot in the Door follows creatives on their journey in their industry. From bright leaps forward to the frequent steps backwards, these stories are underpinned by the music which has guided our guests on their career path so far. Learn from these experiences and take inspiration for how you too can get a foot in the door, and start steppin’ to your future.

This time, Jobi is joined by photographer, editor and director Marieke Macklon – an industry gem when it comes to snapping and filming bands and artists!

Marieke’s passion for her craft is almost as infectious as her sense of humour, and her talent for capturing emotion in moments evidenced from her outstanding portfolio of work.

In today’s episode, Jobi finds out how Marieke has found her eye for a photo, how she builds relationships and navigates the industry, the highs and lows of managing her own studio, plus why she picked the five killer tunes to soundtrack the show.