Producer, DJ and NTS resident Fauzia brings HEAT to the dance-floor.

Inspired by the original juke sounds of Chicago and the explosive breaks of 90s UK underground, she interweaves high octane club sounds seamlessly. Her ability to connect the dots between these iconic scenes is explored via her monthly NTS show, on which she has welcome the likes of Kode 9, DJ Taye, Ikonika and many more.

Fauzia’s worldwide selections reflect her deep understanding for bass heavy sonics and impactful selections. Complemented by her fast-paced energy in the club and her own productions on the horizon, Fauzia brings transatlantic twists not to be missed. Tonight presents the perfect opportunity – catch Fauzia at our gal Nina’s club night ‘athe’, high(!) energy(!) through til’ the twilight hours at North Shore Troubadour.