Currently based in San Francisco, Farsight’s sound has evolved and developed in line with the continued exploration of his practice and personal life transformations.

Drawing upon disparate dancefloor styles such as the hardcore continuum, trap music, jersey club, reggaeton and dancehall, Farsight’s music has garnered the support of artists the likes of Batu, India Jordan, ZULI, Moxie, Om Unit, Doctor Jeep, Emerald Rose Lewis, Jaguar, Fauzia, Jossy Mitsu, Yak, Breaka and many more.

Continuing to shore up an already comprehensive back catalogue, Farsight’s ever-evolving sensibility never allows itself to be pigeon-holed to one style. Although one cannot be sure of what the next chapter holds, it will be fresh and vital, shaped by Farsight’s centred, bubbly and colourful personality.