Briman aka bezzisweet

Creator, producer, composer, tenor sax player, multi-instrumentalist – one sixth, and
frontman of Dundundun. He has a wealth of experience in the music industry as a
composer and session musician. He writes and arranges music for TV, theatre and film
whilst digging crates in a quest to find the ultimate vibes and dance floor fillers. He has
worked with labels such as Ninja Tune, Counter Records, Tru Thoughts, Worm DIscs and
Sonar Kollektiv. Dundundun’s new release, ‘Future Hope’ is out on Worm Discs on the 8th
April featuring Nadeem Din-Gabisi, The Dundundun remix of The KBCS’s ‘The Center –
feat J. Lamotta’ is out now. Based in Bristol but heralding from the North West, Briman is
on a mission, a mission to make people move.