Dull Mastiff’s Divinity

The creative alias of Zee Davine (Tokky Horror / ex-Queen Zee), Dull Mastiff picked up where Davine’s time with Merseyside queercore outfit Queen Zee left off.

A desire to create intense and immediate music, inspired by punk ferocity and D.I.Y. hardcore values, yet also looking towards new, future facing, experimental and tech focused approaches. Alongside long time collaborator Abbi Phillips (Pins / She Drew the Gun), Dull Mastiff is as much acid house as it is techno, as much hardcore punk as it is happy hardcore. An industrial soundtrack to their industrial hometown of Birkenhead.

This show focus’ on Dull Mastiff’s residency at Birkenhead’s Future Yard, a new grassroots venue focusing on nurturing local talent and providing a cultural hub in an otherwise quiet town. Named “Divinity” the club night has brought some of the most exciting new names to Birkenhead including Scalping, Grove, & Mandy Indiana.