Dubs Club

~ A super friendly meet-up production group, designed by women for women and gender minorities ~

Created by Lucy Grey and NIIX, Dubs Club makes its debut at Liverpool’s Q U A RR Y on Wednesday 20th April. It provides a safe space for electronic music producers to come together and share their demos / WIPS / “dubs” with each other and 2 very special panelists – Sisu’s Malissa and Heist or Hit’s iamkyami – for positive feedback and encouragement.

Whatever your ability, production background, musical tastes; whether you make strictly 140 liquid dnb with choral acapellas or have no idea what genre you make at all, come along! Everybody is welcome and entry is free.

Register for your ticket here, and submit your demos here – the submission deadline is Monday 18th April.

~ We got you ~