Dr. Banana

Dr. Banana is at the forefront of the UKG renaissance that’s currently 2-stepping its way across the country. 

His forward-thinking record label has made a name for itself with its dynamic blend of old-school gems and exciting, cutting-edge sounds from the forefront of the contemporary underground scene. The label has released music from the likes of The Beatfreaks, DJ Deller & DJ Clouds. The label’s latest record, DRBAGAIN09 (which featured tracks from Kush Jones & 3 Practical), is available now.

Alongside the record label, he also runs a clothing label (also under the Dr. Banana moniker) that is responsible for some of the nicest garms to grace the dancefloor, whilst also raising funds for mental health charities in the process.

Catch him at North Shore Troubadour on Saturday for a night of UKG themed fun!