Disco Africa

In preparation for their Friday evening free party in association with Africa Oyè, Disco Africa provided a boss selection of disco, afrobeat and highlife music on Melodic Distraction Radio.

Celebrating African synthesizer music from the likes of William Onyeabor, Francis Bebe and other greats of the genre, James Sims of Dharma Collective and Dash from Africa Synths transport us to the coast of West Africa for a 2 hour journey into all things afro. Whilst Dharma Collective can be seen in the shady recesses of The Magnet every Saturday night, Dash has launched Beatbox Agency, a booking agency promoting local DJs in bars around the city. They have a Digger’s Anthems event coming up in July at the Kazimier Garden.

Following sets at Africa Oyè, this months show digs deep into the sounds of the continent; always funky, always disco.