Dig Vinyl

A monthly instalment from one of our favourite record stores in Liverpool: Dig Vinyl. Tune in as front man, Elliot Hutchinson explores their extensive underground vinyl vault. Expect jazz, funk, soul and anything in-between…

Purveyors of all things musical, the team down at Bold Street’s Dig Vinyl have been busy cultivating a name for themselves as the most eclectic vinyl merchants in town. On any given day, you can expect to find yourself digging through sounds from around the known universe; indie, soul, funk, punk, beats, breaks and a whole lot more. With the digging experience always accompanied by Elliot’s personal selections on the in-store record player, more often than not, you find yourself leaving a few bucks lighter but certainly a few records happier.

Join Elliot as he maps out his personal tastes in funk, soul, breaks, jazz and pretty much any genre that takes his fancy.

All vinyl; always….