Dig Vinyl: The Mid Afternoon Junction

Tucked away above the hustle & bustle of Bold Street, Liverpool’s Dig Vinyl is renowned for its  racks of undiscovered gems, killer classics & guilty pleasures. 

The guys and gals behind the counter invite you to tune in and dig deeper with them, as they explore their own collections as well as the sounds that float through their doors & into the crates.

Carl & Tim as Nightdubbing break from their usual genre busting thang – instead getting back to their roots, delivering a DJ set comparable to their Sunday night ambient dub sessions from the mid 90s. This happened by happy accident and it became apparent during the recording that they’d hit upon something that required less chatter and more platter. So, fewer words of wisdom than usual and less genre hopping – although they still manage to take you from The Police (yes – Sting & co) to Children of the Bong in 11 steps!