Darkfloor Sound

Mike Darkfloor begins the next chapter in his sonic adventures bringing his label Darkfloor Sound to Melodic Distraction’s airwaves.

Over the years he’s seen waves of trends come and go, but throughout has continued to push a unique selection of varied genres, all with a cohesive centre. Whether Techno, DnB, Drone, Industrial, Acid, Electro, EBM, Metal, Breakbeat or whatever else he has in his bag – a central vein of dark, heavy vibes persists.

Producer and host of Mantis Radio since 2007, his Darkfloor Sound show presents a mix of the upfront and brand new, with archival tracks of yesterday. You will hear some of the best music you’ve not heard before.

Ahead of the label’s new EP dropping later this month, ‘Inverturial’, Darkfloor Sound share some of the influences behind the release and artist SI – a pioneer in the genre of deathstep.

Alongside a few new tracks in the bag from Reeko & Surgeon, JK Flesh, and Dust, hear the world premiere of SI’s track Erytrosy! Supporting that, 2000s era south London cut dubstep from the likes of Distance, Coki, Kryptic Minds, Gantz, Babylon System, Breakage, and, a short slew of Polish, German, and Knoxville brutal death metal to close out the show.

Hoods up. Horns up.