Darkfloor Sound

Mike Darkfloor brings their label Darkfloor Sound to the airwaves of Melodic Distraction, with a fresh bag of hefty clubs cuts each and every time. Unique selections and varied genres, all with the cohesive core they’ve been pushing for years. Expect techno, drum & bass, industrial, acid, EBM, metal, breaks and whatever else they have in the bag – all with that persistent central vein of dark and heavy vibes.

Voice and producer of Mantis Radio since 2007, their Darkfloor Sound label residency presents a mix of the upfront and brand new, with archival tracks of yesterday. You will hear some of the best music you’ve not heard before.

September 2023. Darkfloor get into it w/ a journey of techno, breaks, and drum & bass. Featuring cuts from Aphex Twin, Woo York, Planetary Assault Systems, Regis, Tipper, Mumdance, Robert Hood, Om Unit, Seba & Paradox, Sully, Presha, Last Life, Medika, and Submerged. Halfway in they chat to thatboytim about the new Earwiggle compilation – Dreams of Electric Bleep (A Collection of Irish Electro 1999 – 2005).