Darkfloor Sound

Mike Darkfloor brings their label Darkfloor Sound to the airwaves of Melodic Distraction, with a fresh bag of hefty clubs cuts each and every time. Unique selections and varied genres, all with the cohesive core they’ve been pushing for years. Expect techno, drum & bass, industrial, acid, EBM, metal, breaks and whatever else they have in the bag – all with that persistent central vein of dark and heavy vibes.

Voice and producer of Mantis Radio since 2007, their Darkfloor Sound label residency presents a mix of the upfront and brand new, with archival tracks of yesterday. You will hear some of the best music you’ve not heard before.

It’s a heads down affair for this month’s transmission as Darkfloor takes us deep into the dark. Tracks from Yuri Urano, Reeko, Temudo, Eomac, Ben Frost, and Trym Søvdsnes feature in hour one. In the second, tougher cuts from the likes of Al Wootton, The Advent, Kareen, Charlton, Hybrid, Pessimist, and Minor Science.