Dance For Plants

Liverpool-based DJs Sam and Emily share a passion for discovering eclectic music from around the world, while trying to cultivate a positive environmental impact on the world they inhabit. 

New to the scene, their mantra is ‘Global Grooves for Plants and People’. They threw their first not-for-profit party in Liverpool last year, raising money for World Land Trust and avoiding the use of single-use plastics in the venue.

In lieu of parties, they have taken up podcasting, starting a new series called ‘Green Space’. Here, they continue to share the music that excites and inspires them, while also raising awareness of important and interesting environmental topics.  In due time, pandemic restrictions permitting, they hope to throw more parties, so watch this space this summer.

In this 1 hour mix, they present the Dance for Plants musical mission statement. Expect to hear a melting pot of different styles as far-reaching influences from across the globe collide. Soft ambient builds through samba and Iranian disco, before a dark turn into electronic stompers – suckerpunch into the weekend!