Dance Floor Mechanics

Dance Floor Mechanics is transmitting an array of guest mixes, emerging artists and unreleased dance music to a speaker near you…

Brought to you by 303 and Watt Hz? residents MaxQuerade and Paddy Hooley, Dance Floor Mechanics an exciting venture for the duo as they push the boundaries of dance music in Liverpool forward.

This month, Dance Floor Mechanics and Watt Hz? team up ahead of The One In The Woods festival to invite Liverpool based Arctek to the waves for their station debut on Melodic Distraction.

The trio has spent years crafting their hybrid-live set up, unleashing the full power with unforgettable sets in the North West at events like Hollow, The Audio Bloc in Sheffield and through their residency at Watt Hz?.

They join the line up for The One In The Woods festival on Sunday 31st July alongside Perc, SPFDJ and Luke Slater and familiar names to the MDR family like Watt Hz? label mates like pH and FJNocturne and station maestro Alien Izz.

Fasten your seatbelts!

Tickets for TOITW available at: