Cryptical Listening

Focusing on the left-field, psychedelic and experimental selections in dance music, Cryptical Listening is a tour through current underground music. Hosted by the Keep It Cryptic warehouse party’s primary hosts – Ché Wilson, Josh Ray and Cosmic Shepherd – the show gives new original music a platform to be played alongside older selections. 

20-year-old local musician and producer Ché is part of various projects outside of DJing and Keep It Cryptic; including live band Rubber Dub and production collectives with Josh Ray including aliases such as Soulsmoke, The Cryptide, Fire House Rockers and Xjukebox. Josh helps run the label Super Weird Substance and Liverpool Arts Lab, as well as DJing from Liverpool to Utrecht for a number of years. Cosmic Shepherd (Ollie Cash) has made a name for himself on the Liverpool psychedelic/punk circuit, and has a newly set-up bootleg label ‘False Calcium’, bringing all sorts of new homegrown electronic weirdness to your ears free of charge.

With their rapidly growing party ‘Keep It Cryptic’ taking off, which brings a mini festival feel to secret warehouse locations outside of the city centre, the Cryptical crew have caught the imagination of a fresh and youthful art scene in Liverpool. Now with a bootleg label set to release a number of originals this year, you can expect to hear lots of unreleased material played on this show – with styles ranging from breaks and electro to dub and jungle, disco and house to jazz and punk.