Club 15

We’re heading back out into the fields for our second festival broadcast of 2023.  This time at We Out Here Festival. 

Welcoming hosts from Melodic Distraction, wider North West friends and family of both the station and Nam Sound System alongside a whole host of We Out Here guests, this is set to be a special set of broadcast.

Club 15 is a Leeds based collective of selectors with a love of all things weird and funky. You can primarily find them on their bi-monthly show on Alto radio, or digging deep in crates around Yorkshire and the wider world. They are mostly found as a duo, but occasionally Edward flies solo and explores the jazzier side of the collection. Always all vinyl, and always looking to play something you haven’t heard, Club 15 is a celebration of the art of record collecting.

Beaming live and direct from Dorset, tune into the sounds of the festival from wherever you are around the world.