Chromatic Giants

Navigating your way round the chromatic giants of the city – sometimes it’s overwhelming, sometimes it’s beautiful.

Music man from Cambridge UK, currently based in Bristol. The music I make/ play is tumultuous, frazzled, often goofy and at times beautiful. I want the music to feel alive and bursting at the seems with some kind of treacherous demented energy.

In tribute to Rose A and Shell Company record (which is unreal!!) Iʼve tried to include as much music for this mix that incorporates or alludes to the voice. Iʼve also taken the chance to be more experimental and include some noisy and affronting picks that I wouldnʼt be brave enough to play on many radio shows!

Thereʼs lots of disparate sounds and influences, blending and collaging in a way that is maybe often a bit jarring and incoherent. Iʼm not sure what context this mix is appropriate for?? Probably not good for working to or having on while you cook, or while hanging out with people, or on speakers at the park.?? I would suggest maybe good for a night time walk? Or some kind of nervous breakdown?