With only 10 months radio show experience over at IWFM. Nathan Pendlebury and Bill Corrigan have shown us their love of all things funky and a bit of a chat in-between. Their show has been described as a Soul-Jazz Sesame Street exploring a specific letter for each show and featuring early hip-hop and electro, acid-jazz, jazz funk, world music, soundtrack and soul, and aims itself at the over 30’s if not over 40’s but will hopefully find favour with those younger more discerning groovy music lovers.

The duo hale from creative backgrounds initially with Bill being a graphic designer and Nathan being a painter, both have a love of groovy tunes and want to share them with you via the medium of radio in their own individual way. By doing this show at Melodic Distraction they want to bring their show to a new audience whilst also concentrating on just one type of music from their past.