Chemtrails Party Mix

Hold your horses, buckle your seatbelts and forget to prepare for takeoff; The Chemtrail Party Mix Crew takeover Melodic Distraction Radio for two hours of conspiracy theories and Evanescence mashups.

“The lining of my jacket… It was an inside job!”

The team return once more to run through happy speedcore, mashups and the worst of very 92-94 Breakbeat Hardcore TM to get you ready, with a tight n nasty set of musical shitposting and cardiac arrest inducing bpms. Ladies and gentlemen, the X-Files returns again.

Taking the studio by storm this month, the team hit breakneck speeds. Their party lands next week at Phase One, featuring Groboclone, GFOTY, Spinee, DJ Fingerblast, Pegga Vienetta, Bad Eror Lad, The Simon Jones Chillout Donk Experience, DJ Shitstomper and Melodic Distraction’s very own ambien(t) gf.