Charles Vaughan

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life, to escape Planet Earth’s sounds of guns, anger and frustration, please join me.”

Welcome to a brand new show broadcasting to the world from Melodic Distraction Radio, hosted by Charles Vaughan (Worldwide FM / Balamii). Each show will take you on a transcendental journey, traversing the musical unknowns to connect energies and bodies through good music played loud. Come as you are, enter our house and join the spiritual outer space voodoo dancing. Loves Saves The Day.

For the first episode, Charles is excited to be presenting esteemed soul selector and digging extraordinaire Hamish OOX. Hamish’s OOX parties have been bringing quality grooves to the students of Cambridge for many years and his incredibly thorough and expansive selections have lit up dance-floors across the UK. Hamish’s carefully crafted mixes are an expansion of his passion and love for music and he’s the perfect first guest for the new show.