Charles Vaughan with Felix – Balearic Special

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life, to escape Planet Earth’s sounds of guns, anger and frustration, please join me.”

Welcome to a show broadcasting to the world from Melodic Distraction Radio, hosted by Charles Vaughan (Worldwide FM / Balamii). Each show will take you on a transcendental journey, traversing the musical unknowns to connect energies and bodies through good music played loud. Come as you are, enter our house and join the spiritual outer space voodoo dancing. Loves Saves The Day.

This month, fresh off their huge one-date Liverpool OOX tour, Charles and Felix decided not to return to the gloomy skies of London city and instead board a first class business flight to Ibizia. There with pina colada’s in hand, they recorded this month’s Melodic Distraction Radio show – a beautiful blend of beachy Balearic bops, Ibiza main room bangers and psychedelic dub-siren filled oddities to fill even the gloomiest of afternoon’s with sun. Also, they were so Baelearic they forgot to switch on one of the microphones, so excuse the low quality audio from Felix’s mic – it’s just the Ibiza way man.