Champagne Funk

Thanks to Weavers Door & Nudie Junes Company, we managed to track down the Champagne Funk crew  while they touched down in Liverpool for an hour guest mix that’ll blow ya socks off…

Champagne Funk are the duo that dig deeper. Consisting of Bryce’s Brother and Dique, the two DJs are known for exploring a rich tapestry of sounds from Latin Jazz to London Bruk, Chicago House and beyond with selections that are as sophisticated as a bottle of Dom Pérignon and as funky as congealed chicken grease.Institution dub – burning spear
Tony Benjamin born with nothing
Tashan – Thank You Ather
Kofi – Unknown
Deluxe – Hello
The Equals – New Lover
Ester – Got to Go
Wax The Van – Unknown
Richenel – Unknown
Amerikan Dread – Unknown
Broad ST Pressure – Parkway Rhythm
Cassia Eller Eles – Unknown
Tammy Payne – Free