Cartier 4 Everyone

Starting as a free-entry night in the Kazimier Garden last sumer, Cartier 4 Everyone has grown to become a Cartel of producers, performers, artists, djays and friends all stood in roughly the same place at roughly the same time. The point of unity? A shared love for new currents in club music, with a global outlook and a bias towards the progressive.

Follow C4E onto the gravel, into the alley, and now all over your wifi courtesy MD Radio, as they take turns spotlighting styles like Jersey Club, Juke, Gqom, and Carioca. Resident host Big Effigy will be joined variously by other Cartel All-Stars & Satellite Fam: Alec Tronik, Bitowski, Akasa, Kepla, Bryn, DJ Amtrak… and any other kith & kin we pick up along the way…

Stay with C4E’s monthly slot for routine explorations of reconstructed club tracks, special edits, soundsystem pop, light industiral, brutal bangers, anti-bangers and ambient bookends, all brought to you with passion, affection, and a v serious expression. You’re welcome!