Carnivalization is a collaboration between Carnival Brewing Company and Probe Records, with physical music nights held at Carnival’s city centre tap room and an exclusive radio show on Melodic Distraction.

Ade, Dom and Bobby P play an eclectic and electrifying mix of pop, psych, world music and roots, indie and electronica, with special guests popping up to sprinkle their own magic into listeners’ ears.

Back in the dim and distant past, Dom and Murraigh held a monthly party night at the White Horse in Brixton. ‘Condition’ was always a night to remember (or try to remember). It brought together a big group of like-minded people from across the capital, and elsewhere, who wanted to hear a great mix of ‘eclectic sure-fire junk’ and have a good sticky floor dance with mates.

This month, Dom and Murraigh treat our ears to a wide mix of funky and soulful tunes, with a generous sprinkling of DnB.