Building Stories

Building Stories is hosted by Kieran Callanan, a local DJ affiliated with bass-oriented club night, Less Effect. Under his ‘Horus’ moniker, Kieran focuses on lower frequencies and the dancefloor, but with his Building Stories programme on MD Radio, it’s the threads of tales told from locals and beyond that ties everything together.

The music is eclectic, and in many ways the selection is dependent on whom Kieran has interviewed over the previous month. Some stories are unsettling, some are funny, and so on. They’re all told by real people – whether it’s a grandmother from Walton or a school kid in Birkenhead, everyone has a story to tell.

This month, Kieran progresses the Building Stories show to shed light on his own back story. Tune in for tales of where his musical passion came from, meandering listeners through his initial steps into Liverpool’s fruitful underground music scene accompanied by a fantastic musical selection taking influence from the team behind Sessions Faction and his role in Less Effect.