Known for his speedy mixing and blends of global underground sounds, BЯYN has gained a reputation for being a hard swerve left in the Liverpool club scene.

 After arriving in Liverpool from Croydon, BЯYN was taken under the wing of Cartier 4 Everyone, a crew including George Maund, MxTronik, M T Hall, Kepla, Bitowski and many more, who also championed future sounds and experimentation. Since then, he’s supported the likes of SOPHIE, Princess Nokia, Flohio, Yves Tumour, Tirzah and more.

This month Bryn is joined by Ling (Jacob King), another producer/DJ hovering around the area between experimental club and pop. Having DJed together for a few years, the pair have played across the UK for rap collective Manteq but also out playing their own tastes in club music.

Ling has had an EP with PAN records, produced Tardast’s ‘Marwa’ EP with Leo, as well as supporting Flux Pavillion with Rugz and more recently, produced for Irish pop singer Gemma Dunleavy.

All this whilst keeping a humble attitude, probably the most frequent phrase is, “do you know where Ling is?” but he’s just doing his thing.