Broken Record

Escape to a different landscape. Explore the unfamiliar.

Inspired by labels such as Principe and NAAFI, Lucy Grey’s Broken Record series invites you to explore experimental electronic music from around the world.

For this edition of Broken Record, Lucy Grey invites Dirty K to the Melodic Distraction studio for a very special mix.

For those who don’t already know, Dirty K is an electronic producer from Nanjing who is currently based in Manchester studying for his Masters in electroacoustics. His musical career has highly developed through absorbing concepts and senses from cutting-edge club music, So far, he has released 3 EPs on Genome 6.66mbp in Shanghai and Eastern Margins from London. He has received support from loads of amazing producers around the world, such as Endgame, Mobilegirl, Flora, and Slackk. Dirty K’s tracks have also rightfully been frequently played on Rinse FM, NTS Radio and Boiler Room just to name a few.

We are super excited to hear what he has in store for his Liverpool debut.