Broken Record

Escape to a different landscape. Explore the unfamiliar.

Inspired by labels such as Principe and NAAFI, Lucy Grey’s Broken Record series invites you to explore experimental electronic music from around the world. This month, the show is guest hosted by Sines.

Raised and rooted in South Texas, DJ and producer Sines is an integral part of the evolution of US-based, Latinx club music’s growth and mutation. Integrating undeniable influences from the borderlands’ natural cross-hatching of sounds, Sines’ productions and tastemaking are foundational to his work in launching his MAJÍA record label.

Sines’ live sets revel in a hyperactive, dynamic approach to mixing, showcasing his evolution from influences primarily in the UK electronic scene into specificity from the Latinx diaspora, spanning reggaetón, dancehall, and kizomba. Keyed in to emerging sounds in the underground, Sines’ productions are based in knowledge that’s equal parts inspired by Luny Tunes’ groundbreaking sample palette that forms the roots of reggaetón, as much as by the dripping, cathartic pace Houston’s legendary chopped and screwed pioneer DJ Screw.