Broken Record

Escape to a different landscape. Explore the unfamiliar.

Inspired by labels such as Principe and NAAFI, Lucy Grey’s Broken Record series invites you to explore experimental electronic music from around the world.

It’s an honour to introduce our special guest for Broken Record this month. Since 2011, Louis Sterling has been an artist who — at the age of 24 years old —has crafted a string of experimental dance music.

After receiving support from BBC Music host Mary Anne-Hobbs, Sterling would eventually sign to the North American record label URBNET. Shortly after, his sonic sketches caught the attention of critically-acclaimed musician David August; who later signed Louis to his label 99Chants —a Berlin-based imprint distributed by Rough Trade.

Raised in Bath, Somerset (UK), Louis first began as a descendant at the cathedral, absorbing the ambient melodies of the city, until it eventually made way into the foundation of his craft. With an artistry that unveils emotional complexity, he has been quoted to “deconstruct the boundaries between electronic music and contemporary art”, with Headphone Commute describing his debut LP Adisceda as “music that plays close to the heart, with capacious acoustics washed with soft reverb, distant voices and elements to peel back and examine”.