Bom Dia!

Bom Dia! A monthly trip through the music of Brasil. 

It’s endlessly vast, borders 9 countries, is twice the size of Europe and provides a melting pot for African, European and South American diaspora.

Join your host, Zaremba, as he plays his favourite tracks from the country he loves the most. Bom Dia! is a chance to make sense of it all – from 60’s bossa nova to upbeat 80’s MPB and the iconic samba rock sounds that can be heard from the beaches of Rio to the tropics of Amazonas.

This week, Zaremba is without a microphone. Letting the music do 100% of the talking.

“A Big thanks to everyone who tuned in this month and a special mention to the opening track this month; ‘Pro Carnival Voltar’ by Oran Etkin and Benjamin Taubkin. A tribute to Carnival – which was cancelled for the first time in 108 years this year due to the pandemic. Here’s to its speedy return”.