Benno & Ollie Cash

We’re heading back out into the fields for our second festival broadcast of 2023. ¬†This time at We Out Here Festival.¬†

Welcoming hosts from Melodic Distraction, wider North West friends and family of both the station and Nam Sound System alongside a whole host of We Out Here guests, this is set to be a special set of broadcast.

Benno & Ollie Cash kick off Friday morning with a celebration of Hip-Hop’s 50th Anniversary, to the exact date it all started, the 11th of August.

Selecting a variety of Hip-Hop records, as well as some of the Jazz & Funk records that were sampled, Ben & Ol will also be highlighting what’s on offer at We Out Here, with some personal touches thrown in for good measure.
Coming straight outta Liverpool, Benno & Ollie Cash are just some of the larger Scouse crew attending, working, and representing at We Out Here, this year.
Bigups the Scouse massive!

Beaming live and direct from Dorset, tune into the sounds of the festival from wherever you are around the world.